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Welcome Mr. Stanton

It's time for the Giants to get this deal done!  Give the Marlins a little something extra and lets go! Then let's get a Center fielder.  A new third baseman would be nice too....  

Game 7 Yankees vs. Astros

I'm going to give Houston the advantage.  Game 7 in their own park.  I mean that's what you play all year for now....  got rid of that stupid all-star winner home court shit! Would love the see a Verlander vs. Kershaw matchup...with Kershaw losing of course. Any team but the Dodgers!

The Nationals will implode today

Something's not right in the Nationals locker room. We've seen this before with Dusty Baker.  Horrible decisions in the postseason.  What going on with the Nationals today.  First Stephen Strasburg wasn't going to pitch today because of a cold or something...Dusty made of some sort of weird excuse there's mold or something at Wrigley.  This... Continue Reading →

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