Giants beat Kershaw 4-3!


There’s nothing like a couple home runs from your key players to get the game going!

I just loved how Pence timed Kershaw’s curveball to hit a 2-run blast in the 1st inning.  I was ecstatic! Sure, we could’ve used some of that in April, but better late than never!  And just seeing the bench as he came back to the dugout…hell, even Bochy cracked a smile.

Then finally in the 3rd inning, Posey got a hold of a inside fastball and promptly deposited it into the left field bleacher.  Funny…he just equalled his entire April output on the first day of May!  But yeah, better late than never!  Anyways, I love sticking it to Kershaw….

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Last updated: 10/02/2017

Then there’s the kid Arroyo..2 for 3 with a walk.  He looks good at the plate.  Just needs to keep it going…and Boch…no days off for the kid!  He’s only 21 ….he can handle it!

What a gritty performance by Cueto.  7 innings…6 strikeouts and 3 runs.  Thank god we scored a few extra runs.

And a shoutout to our Bullpen!  They were able to get 6 outs without allowing a run!  Okert with 5 outs and Law with the final one to earn his first save of the year!

1 – 0  in May…We’re on our way boys!  Keep it up!



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